My boss asked for my opinion in front of everyone, and I froze.

Oof, we’ve been there.

Enter, What I Wish I Knew. We offer practical workplace advice for young female-identifying professionals. Using the principles of diversity and inclusion, and our own experience, we give you the workplace advice you didn’t learn in school.

We want to create spaces for women and gender-expanding folks who are building their careers. We know how alone and overwhelming it can feel when you want to stand up for yourself, or when you feel like an imposter. We're using our own experiences and stories to share with you what we wish we knew.

Let’s lift each other up and climb that career ladder together.

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Our founders

Jodi Goebel

Board President & Founder

Lesley Vaage

Executive Director & Founder

One fateful day in 2017, Jodi and Lesley got sick of the mansplaining. But leaning in wasn’t exactly the advice they needed. In fact, most advice out there wasn’t relevant to the day-to-day interactions millennial women face in the workplace.

So they decided to reach into their networks to find the advice that actually works. They gave their smartest, most badass feminist friends microphones, and What I Wish I Knew was born.

Our team

Ali Dempsey

Event Coordinator

Aya Qutub

Events Volunteer

Christine Vaage

Events Volunteer

Elizabeth Schowalter

Marketing Committee Chair

Isha Godara

Board Treasurer

Jacqueline Davis

Events Volunteer

Jeri Kotelniski

Events Committee Chair

Kate Dawson

Marketing Committee

Kevin Espenido

Board of Directors

Laura Masyk

Events Volunteer

Melissa Barkman

Board Secretary

Rachel Foley

Board Vice President

Rebecca Nedelec

Events Volunteer

Samantha Christie

Social Media Coordinator

The hall of fame

Constantly in awe of the amazing people we have had on our panels and involved in our events! 

Amie Chaotakoongite

Amor Provins

Ania Ulrich

Anna-Maria LeMaistre

Ashlyn Bernier

Brandy Burdeniuk

Christel Kjenner

Colleen Nuc

Elizabeth Hanlis

Erin Davis

Eve Asiedu

Felicia Mutheardy

Felicia Michie

Helen Ngan-Pare

Jamie Bay

Jenna Maryknowski

Kairi Pawlick

Kate Lister

Kelly Hobson

Kim Stodola

Lindsay Cox

Mallory Yawnghwe

Megan Bertagnolli

Meghana Valupadas


Nicole Jones-Abad

Nida Farooqui

Olga Messinis

Olivia Pilip

Rebecca Smilie

Shani Gwin

Shannon Neighbour

Susie Sykes

Tamara Fleming

Tami-lee Duncan

Tiffany Linke-Boyko

Valeeshia Young

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*A note on language: We recognize that the term “women” may not encompass the rainbow of identities of our attendees. We welcome and strive to create an inclusive environment for people of any and all genders.

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