Speak Up: Advocating for Yourself and Others at Work


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Everything you need to know

Do you want to level up your skills of allyship, boundary-setting, and finding your voice? At this event, we’re talking about standing up for yourself and others in the workplace.

Whether it’s getting stuck with a crap assignment (again), interrupted in a meeting, or witnessing bullying, it can be super frustrating to speak up. Especially if you feel like you have no power.

Join us as we hear from three professionals with deep experience in advocacy and action in the workplace. They’ve got tips and tricks for how they’ve learned to speak up for what they believe in. Together, we’re going to take on the awkward and uncomfortable everyday situations and learn to call out the racist/sexist/homophobic bullsh*t we all experience.

They got you. We got you. You got you.

Our awesome panelists

Erin Davis

Erin is a builder of inclusive workplace cultures. While change doesn't always happen overnight, Erin has seen firsthand the power of intentional action driving positive impact at Stantec, where she leads the Global Talent Engagement team. Her work includes helping develop the first women focused employee resource group, advocating and sponsoring other female leaders, and supporting grassroots initiatives, including celebrating International Women's Day for the first time in the organizations history. Outside of her 9-5, Erin is also the co-founder of Works for Women and The Confidence Retreat, working to inspire individual action to drive change and help to build women's confidence.

Nicole Jones-Abad

Nicole is a latinx trans woman of colour (she/her), born in Ecuador and adopted. Over the past years, she has spent much of her time increasingly stepping into the world of advocacy. She's currently a co-organizer for Shades of Colour - a group for the QTIBPOC (Queer + Trans, Indigenous , Black, People of Colour) community in the city. In her free time she enjoys dancing, and shooting films for community. Her most recent film she co-created, "Why do you stay here?" explores the concept of intergenerational communities, and will be screened in Vancouver in June!

Photo Credit: Abdul Malik

Tamara Fleming

Have you ever heard that the average person will change careers 5-7 times in their lives? Tamara is proof of this. Always looking for challenge and the opportunity to push boundaries, Tamara’s background includes running board meetings in Nunavut, gender audits is Sri Lanka and welding rigs in rural Alberta (almost A to Z). Over the past two years, Tamara has focused exclusively on Respect, Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace as the City of Edmonton's dedicated resource for all things related. Well, almost exclusively. Tamara is also working toward gaining certification as a qualified mediator. Communication, Tamara's first career, is still the foundation of everything they do. How do we work through conflict, relate, be present and move forward in an informed and authentic way? I'd love to chat about it all with you!

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*A note on language: We recognize that the term “women” may not encompass the rainbow of identities of our attendees. We welcome and strive to create an inclusive environment for people of any and all genders.

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